fredag 4 mars 2011

Ribbed... for your pleasure!

Gene Simmons är ju värd en eloge när det gäller att sätta bandnamnet på olika prylar. Nya kådisar finns nu till försäljning. Vet inte om den förra upplagan var bra, men eftersom det nu kommer en ny laddning antar jag att folk köper dem.

"Graphic Armor, Inc., in association with KISS®, Live Nation, and Condomania®, announced today the release of newest KISS Kondoms™, the world’s first FDA approved “Picture Condoms™” featuring a full color image right on the latex!
Originally introduced in 2003 by Condomania, KISS Kondoms™ were the first condoms to display a color photographic image of a licensed property on both the condom wrapper and box. The innovation continues now on a whole new level, featuring an image of Gene Simmons’ iconic fully extended tongue running down the length of the lubricated latex condom.
A Paul Stanley version of the KISS Kondoms™, will be released later this year.
Graphic Armor’s KISS Kondom™, licensed globally by Live Nation, will be touring store shelves worldwide starting in March 2011. Pre-orders can be placed immediately at . KISS Kondoms™ will also be available in KISSOnline's KISS Shop soon."