fredag 22 juli 2011

Greg Puciato gillar Spotify stenhårt!

Saxat från hans Facebook:

Geniunely excited and blown away by Spotify. Good to see a huge positive step for the music industry. This is gonna be a critical piece of the big picture of shifting out of the “old” industry to the “new”. Makes so much sense for casual listening….my IPOD suddenly feels like a giant book of CDs.
This is for real sick. Who gives a shit about royalties….that stuff’ll figure itself out in time. More important to just get the new infrastructure in place first so that the royalty situation can then be dealt with. In my opinion, this in a few years time turns CDs and Vinyls into complete collectors items that should both be numbered and limted. There will still be people that download so they can have the music in case there is no 3G….but Spotify actually has an “offline” mode too so you can temporarily save the music you’re streaming in case you’ll be away from 3G/4G/Wifi…which in a few years time you’ll NEVER be away from anyway.
The most significant change is gonna come in cell phone data plans…how much will they go up? Or down? Streaming is the future of casual music listening/movie watching. Netflix and services like it will eventually have every movie you want…and things like Spotify will have ever song. For people that still want the collector’s item…either because it’s rad to have or because it sounds better(vinyls and wavs > 320mp3s) they’ll still have that option but come on lets be real a streaming mp3 at 320 is sufficient for most daily listening(car, background at your place, etc).
I just listened to the stream of “Fix Your Face” and then played the same 320mp3 off of my ITunes and they were both instantaneous and sounded IDENTICAL. Obviously if I put on the Vinyl or listen to the wavs there will be a difference, but even then it will only be different on a legit hifi stereo….wouldn’t make a difference through computer speakers or earbuds.