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Q&A med We Came As Romans!

WCAR är ett relativt färskt band på den stora amerikanska rockhimlen. Andra albumet "Understanding what we´ve grown to be" kom ut tidigare i år och pushas hårt av skivbolaget.
Jag skickade iväg lite frågor till gitarristen Joshua Moore och fick omgående svar. I januari spelar de i Sverige.

26 januari KB, Malmö
27 januari Brewhouse, Göteborg
28 januari Klubben, Stockholm

What´s the story behind the name?

Joshua: Unfortunately there is no cool story behind our name. We were all really young when we picked it five years ago, and we just thought that it sounded cool. We honestly never thought that the band would gain any sort of success or that we would tour the States, let alone Europe.

Tell us a bit about Troy, Michigan! Happening music town?

Joshua: It's just a suburb of Detroit, really. When we were local, it had a really good local scene with a lot of loyal kids coming out to shows every weekend. It's been three years since we became a full-time touring band, so I'm not sure how the local scene is there anymore since we are rarely home to see it and only get to play shows there a few times a year now.

What are your major influences?

Joshua: Everything in life influences my outlook on life. And from that, my outlook on life is a huge influence on the lyrics that I write for We Came As Romans; My relationships, my hardships, the things I'm blessed with, etc. they all influence me.

Any fun stories from the recordings of your latest album?

Joshua: We recorded it in two separate sessions, with two months in between, which included a full US and a full European tour. After those tours, I went back in the studio to record the guitars, and then Dave and Kyle came down to the studio to record vocals. Right after that, about four days later, we left for the two month long Vans Warped Tour.

How do you usually go about writing songs?

Joshua: So far, I've written all of the music for We Came As Romans. I write a song and then show the guys and make sure that everyone is cool with it. Eric will go back and write drum fills and make parts more interesting, I'm not a drummer and therefore do not write very good drums hahaha. Then Dave, Kyle and I sit down together and bounce ideas about vocals back and forth. I don't know if the process will always be this way, but so far that's the way it's been.

What did the producer bring to the album?

Joshua: Joey is really good at everything he does: producing, engineering, mixing, everything. We're really, really comfortable working with him and he has really good ideas about how we should sound and the way we need to be portrayed musically, the way our CD sounds. I don't think our CDs would have came out as good without Joey there, and I'm very grateful for the work he's done with us.

In what way have you evolved since your first album came out?

Joshua: I think we've matured as a band, musically and just as people. Being on the road for two years straight really puts a lot of things in perspective about life. We were all still really young when To Plant A Seed was released, I think I had just barely turned 20 around that time actually.

Is it in anyway difficult being six people in a band?

Joshua: Our band operates a lot like a family, like we're all brothers. So, of course there are some minor quarrels and whatnot, but at the end of the day it's nothing unbearable and nothing too bad. I think it's difficult being in a band, no matter how many individuals are in it, so it definitely can be with six members.

Are there any gigs that stand out so far, as being more fun or electrifying?

Joshua: we played the Warped Tour date in Detroit this summer, I think it was my favorite show we've ever played and the most people we've ever played for. Playing a hometown show is an amazing feeling; And being able to play for the friends and family that have supported us since we were playing local shows for 10 kids.

Do you listen to or know of any Swedish metal?

Joshua: Unfortunately, I personally don't really listen to any sort of metal. I spend so much of my time at "metal" shows that when it comes down to wanting to listen to music, I tend to stay away from any heavy variation of music. I want something a little easier and less intense on the ears.

What can your fans expect when you come to Sweden in January?

Joshua: A really energetic live show and a lot of passion! We always try to give kids a really good experience to walk away from the show with.

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