söndag 31 mars 2013

Intervju med Neil Fallon i Clutch.

Clutch är tillbka med ett nytt album efter fyra års väntan. Jag ringde upp Neil för att snacka lite kort om nya plattan, framtidsplaner och skivindustrins framtid.

You´re about to hit the road again. Do you do any special preparations before a tour?

Neil: No, not really. I kinda know it by second nature at this point. Usually it´s just all the things that I´m supposed to do around the house over a couple of months that I try to get done.

Do you take any kind of special care of your voice when you´re out on tour?

Neil: Well, a couple of days before a tour I´ll start doing vocal warm up exercises and then I try to make it a point at the first couple of shows, to not overdo it and sometimes that´s not easy because you´re excited to get back out on the road. It´s just like any other muscle and I haven´t used it intensely for about a month now so you just gotta take it easy.

When you start working on a new album, like “Earth rocker”, is it all you guys working together or do you work separately on things and then come together?

Neil: It´s a little bit of both. Sometimes someone will come up with a riff and that will inspire someone else on the spot to come up with something. I would say that our best stuff usually happens kinda spontaneously when you´re in the room and get together and jam.

Does it ever happen that someone comes up with something totally crazy or do you usually all kinda fall into the same kinda riffs and melodies?

Neil: It´s hard to say. We´re a democracy so when a song is done it´s hard to say who wrote what. Sometimes maybe there´s a weird riff and it will change for reasons that are hard to say. Getting together and jamming is like second nature to us.

Does it ever seem like it would be easier if you weren´t a democracy and does it happen that you have to “kill your darlings” because you´re outvoted?

Neil: I guess that´s what a producer is for. A rented dictator (laughs), so when he´s done you can depose him. That´s important for a band like us where democracy is great, but it can also take forever to get things done. When you have somebody to say “No, that´s not a great idea.” Or “That´s a great idea.”, that you´re not paying close attention to, that helps things move along. Sometimes you can become emotionally attached to a part for no real good reason at all, but I guess that´s just human nature. I think we´re all mature enough to let things go. I´ve written countless riffs that have just ended up in the garbage can.

When you start writing for a new album, do you immediately try new stuff or do you go back to check what was left over from the previous album?

Neil: We´re always writing to some extent, whether we have an album coming out or not and it gets more intense when an album´s approaching. I think we try to react, both consciously and unconsciously, to do something different from the album we just did. “Strange cousins…” was sort of the dark mid tempo record and we wanted to write a faster record, so we knew that much going into it.

Is it usually the same guy that comes up with titles for the songs and for the album?

Neil: Well, since I write the lyrics it usually falls into my lap and I´m always asking the guys “What do you think of this? What do you think of that?”. “Strange cousins from the west" was taken directly from the lyrics. With “Earth rocker”, we were kinda hesitant to call it that because we didn´t want that one song to be kinda on the pedestal, but we couldn´t think of a better name so we just went with that. It´s an open forum to call the record whatever.

Is it ever hard coming up with new lyrics and trying not to repeat yourself?

Neil: Oh for sure. It´s always a struggle. I think I´m trying to strike a balance and not rehashing the same things over and over, but at the same time do what you do best. I think with this record, I was trying to not over think it too much. Sometimes I put the words in a higher position than the singing of it, so I try to keep it simple. Sometimes a song can be the easiest thing to write and it will write itself in five minutes and with some songs you bang your head up against the wall for months. It´s probably the same for a lot of people. It´s like I can say “Ok, right now the kids are asleep so I´m gonna head downstairs and write some lyrics.” And it never happens. (laughs) When it does happen, it is when I´m stuck in traffic or I´m in the shower or usually in a very inopportune moment and then the idea comes.

What would you say are your main influences for writing lyrics? Does it come from books or movies or just general life?

Neil: I try to write each song as if it was a short story and that way I can say whatever I want and not be called out on it, it´s just gonna be like fiction. It´s usually stuff that I overhear out of context or some strange phrase. For example, in “Electric worry” the chorus “Bang bang bang vamanos” was something that Tim was saying when we were kinda joking about how in Japan a lot of English that you see on t-shirts, doesn´t make a whole lot of sense. That was a phrase that we just kept kicking around and it just presented itself when we were writing that song. It really can come from anywhere.

Does it ever happen that those short stories that make up the songs, are something that you could think of turning into a longer story, like a novel?

Neil: Oh, sure. I get that feeling but I never follow up on it and that´s the problem. Writing a song… and I´ve been doing it for so long and when you write the chorus, all of a sudden half of the work is done and you know how long each line has to be and what rhymes to keep, but just a blank page without anything and no point of reference, is pretty intimidating.

Did you record stuff for “Earth rocker” that didn´t end up on it?

Neil: Yeah, we recorded three more songs that didn´t make the record.

Any plans for those songs? Are they gonna end up like bonus tracks or something?

Neil: That´s a possibility. We´re probably gonna rerelease this record and then they´ll end up on that, or not. We´ll listen to them again in a couple of months with fresh ears, but we definitely wanted to keep this record short, like the classic LP length.

What are your thoughts about the future when it comes to music? In 10 years you probably don´t need to make artwork for an album because everybody´s just downloading it and you might just release a song here and a song there.

Neil: I think there is that aspect of it that it´s become a lot more disposable and it´s so easy now. When we were younger you got a little bit of money and you´d make a special trip to that special record store where they carried heavy metal and you only had so much money that you had to decide which record you were gonna buy and you could only get one or two. When you brought it home it was like bringing a child home. You listened to it and you´d bring your friends over to listen. Now it´s like “I´ll just download 500 songs and just skip over the intro until I find something I like and maybe I´ll listen to that song one more time before I die.” And that´s unfortunate. The other side of it though, for bands like us, we´re not for everybody and we´re not a big radio band or what have you. You don´t have to sell platinum records to make money, you can find your audience across the globe and for us nothing´s really changed. We never really made money off of our records until we actually started putting them out ourselves. Maybe in some ways it´s come full circle because early records didn´t have any artwork and the only places you could hear them was at bars or maybe that artist would come and play and it was a big deal.

Are you optimistic when it comes to the future of the record industry and being a touring band or are you more pessimistic?

Neil: I´d like to think it´s realistic in that we´re not thinking that we´re gonna be selling and hanging up gold records on our walls and retire early. I think all we´re really hoping for is to be able to have music or do something creative as our career. To be able to do something creative and you´re an artist and have that impulse… most people have to wait for the weekend to do that or after work and to be able to do this as a job is a pretty rare thing and that´s what we´re hoping will continue. Who knows what will change in the future? I take a broader look at it as far as music goes. The heydays of selling records as really only in the 70´s and the 80´s and then the 90´s came and the cd´s appeared. It´s really a brief period of time in the grand scheme of things so I guess I´m optimistic.

How long do you see yourselves touring with “Earth rocker”?

Neil: We´ll be out for just about a year. We´ve got two US tours and then we go back to Europe for festivals and then take a break at the end of summer, but the probably go back to Europe again in the fall. That will bring us up to Christmas time when we do a run through the States usually and before you know it, it´s pretty much a year from now so we´re busy.

Even though you get to travel the world and play, it´s gotta be a tough line of work?

Neil: It is. I´m thankful that we live in the age of the cell phone. The older one gets, the deeper one´s roots goes and now that you have a family and children it´s even tougher. The good thing is that when I am home, I´m home 24/7 and have some really good quality time, but it is tough for sure.

Some of your songs have appeared in different TV-shows and computer games. Is it usually that you´re approached by someone or do you actively try to get your music into different medias as a way of promotion?

Neil: It´s both. We have a publisher that pursue these things and sometimes it´s people looking for music. Other times it comes from the ground up. Like an intern with a director who happens to be a metal head goes “Hey, what about this?” and we´ll get a request. The Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey team use “Electric worry” for their goal games and that was something that came from them, so it´s a little bit of both.

How does that work? Do you get paid once or do you get paid every time they use it?

Neil: Oh god no! As far as the hockey thing goes, we don´t get paid anything. TV is not as lucrative as people think. You get paid a couple of hundred bucks and that´s about it and it´s the same with movies. You get a onetime fee, unless it´s a theme song to the opening credit. If anything it´s just publicity and I guess that´s why they can get away without paying a whole lot of money for it. Not only are they doing you a favor, but if you don´t like the offer, they just go to somebody else.

Final thing. What are your thoughts on Clutch five years from now?

Neil: Well, I certainly hope will do another record quickly. It´s almost four years between “Strange cousins…” and this one and hopefully there will be another record out and a tour as well. As long as we can keep doing this for a living and stay happy and healthy, that´s all I want.


fredag 29 mars 2013

LA-eran är och förblir mig kär.

Jag hade aldrig turen att besöka LA under det ljuva 80-talet, men tack vare ett högfrekvent läsande av OKEJ, Kerang, Faces, Hit Parader och Circus, kunde jag förflytta mig till den amerikanska västkusten i ett nafs och rumla runt på Sunset Strip med grabbarna i RATT.


måndag 25 mars 2013

Ytterligare en bok om KISS!

Nu kan ytterligare en bok om bandet läggas till på listan över kommande böcker. Sedan tidigare står det klart att Carl Linnaeus ger ut "KISS - den omsminkade sanningen", Johan Falk (med små bidrag från undertecknad) ger ut "KISS i Sverige 1976-2013", RGE ger ut "KISS: Hotter than hell" och från Holland ska det även komma en bok om KISS samtliga singlar.
Från USA kommer förhoppningsvis i år eller nästa år, en mastodontbok, "Magic – The KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983" från Ros Radley. Jag fick kontakt med honom via KISSFAQ.com och drog iväg några frågor. Så här svarade han.

First off, who is Ros?

I’m Ros Radley, a 45 year old KISS fan since 1976. I collect KISS photos and any other printed material from 1973 to 1983. I am still a fan of the non makeup period and the reunion period/Psycho Circus period. However, I only collect material from the original makeup era, 1973 to 1983.

What made you write this book of yours?    

I feel the first ten years were the most exciting and deserved a very detailed study of day to day activity. The excellent book “KISS Alive Forever” inspired me to research further to collect every bit of information from 1973 to 1983.

How long have you been working on it?

I’ve studied KISS since I became a fan in 1976 but the real organization of details began about ten years ago in 2003. 

Where did the title come from? 

In my opinion, Magic is the best word to describe KISS during their first ten years. The image, the mystery, the concept, the personalities, the energy and, of course, the music is magical. I’ve had the title for about five years.

Page wise, this sounds like it´s gonna be a big one. Details?

Nothing has been confirmed yet but I’m hoping to have about 700 pages in 9x12 format.

Is there gonna be a part 2?

I can imagine there being a revised edition in the future. Details from this period are subject to change as new information is discovered.

Will there be any cool photos in it?

There will definitely be many rare and unpublished KISS photos in my book. I do not want to use even a single photo that has already been printed.

How have you gone about doing research for the book?    

I have collected, studied and organized every possible detail about KISS that has printed. I have also contacted many photographers and other KISS collectors in search of specific details. I am still in the process of researching and interviewing people for the book.

Will it contain never before known facts of the band and its members?


As I understand it, you´ve been involved in the "Nothin to lose" book as well. Give us the details of your part in it!

For the last two years I have been helping Ken Sharp with photo research and photo editing for his book. I was able to help him correctly identify the date/location/photographer for almost every photo in his book. In addition, if a photo needed cleaning up due to damage or just aging I was able to use photo editing software to make the images look the best possible. For example, the cover photo was edited by me so that Peter would be seen and be fairly represented.

What will make this book different from all the other KISS books out there?

"Magic – The KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983" will be the first book ever to take a day by day look at the first ten years of KISS’s career. Every piece of information about KISS’s daily activities between 1973 and 1983 will be presented in chronological order. Details about concerts, recording sessions, photo sessions, rehearsals, TV appearances, videos, interviews, band/management meetings and personal activities will, for the first time, be gathered in one ultimate, revealing and complete book. The book will also be the first to thoroughly study the evolution of the KISS image including the makeup, costumes, jewelry, hair styles, musical equipment and stage design.


lördag 23 mars 2013

The devil put dinosaurs here!

Hallelujah, nu finns det ett datum! Den 14:e maj släpps ovanstående skönhet. Igår visade det sig att omslaget tydligen innehåller dolda bilder. Surfa över till Blabbermouth och kolla!

Low Ceiling 
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here 
Lab Monkey 
Hung on a Hook 
Pretty Done 
Breath on a Window 
Phantom Limb

Dessutom släpps låten "Stone" digitalt som nästa singel den 26:e mars.


Hardcore Superstar

Tyrol, Stockholm 130322

Först mingel på Östermalm med lite gratis alkohol och snack med andra skribenter och därefter skjuts med buss ut till Tyrol på Djurgården. Det finns helt klart sämre sätt att spendera en fredagskväll på.
Jag har aldrig varit något större fan av göteborgarna, men har självfallet uppskattat de hits man hört från och till och de har alltid bjudit på en energisk show.
Giget på Tyrol var inget undantag. Faktiskt är det något av de bättre uppträdanden jag sett på senare tid och publiken var med på noterna från första riffet i nya "C´mon take on me" till avslutande "My good reputation". Helt klart ett varmt välkomnande.
Jocke Berg har en fenomenal röst som höll hela framträdandet igenom. Mannen kan sjunga, growla, skrika - you name it! Han springer omkring som om han tryckt i sig ett kilo uppåttjack och ger inte minsta sken av att bli trött. Själv blir jag helt slut av att bara titta på spektaklet, slött hållandes en öl i ena näven.
Hardcore Superstar är väl det närmsta ett Mötley Crüe vi kan komma, men det blir aldrig patetiskt på något vis, så som det många gånger blir med andra svenska band som önskar att de växt upp i Hollywood och snortat kola från en ung groupies bakdel.
I Hardcore finns en charm och ett allvar som är svårt att värja sig mot. Jag kan bara konstatera att de är ett förbannat bra band och live förtjänar de en än större publik. Tyrol var knökfullt, men bandet är tydligt på väg upp i den övre divisionen och kan förhoppningsvis som något år sälja ut en större arena som exempelvis Hovet.
"Someone special", "We don´t celebrate Sundays" och "Last call for alcohol" sitter alla som en smäck och drar ned stort jubel från den kajalförseda publiken. Det bjuds även på en kortare "Barn av vår tid", som verkligen passar in bra i sammanhanget.
Summa sumarum, en mycket bra konsert från ett av Sveriges bästa liveband.

Betyg: 4/5

C'mon Take On Me
Because of You
Wild Boys
Dreamin' in a Casket
She's Offbeat
Sophisticated Ladies
Won't Take The Blame Pt.1
Won't Take The Blame Pt. 2 1
Barn av vår tid (Nationalteatern cover)
Someone Special
One More Minute
Last Call for Alcohol
We Don't Celebrate Sundays
Liberation Encore:
Above The Law
Run to Your Mama
My Good Reputation


torsdag 21 mars 2013

Übersköna Soulstore bjuder på rabatt!

På Soulstore.se hittar du ett stort utbud av prisvärda böcker om allt det goda här i livet; musik, film, erotik, konst, design och mycket mer. Tanken är att tillhandahålla prylar vi själva gillar och erbjuda ett unikt utbud med böcker du inte hittar i "vanliga" butiker.

Just nu har vi bland annat monstret, "Metal And Hardcore Graphics", en bok på nära 5 kg med över 2000 bilder på skivomslag och posters på metal-band. Rena metal-bibeln för fans av grindcore, thrash metal, death-metal, hard- rock, doom, black metal, metalcore.

Några andra personliga favoriter är en limiterad utgåva om The Doors, fotoböcker med Led Zeppelin, Mötleys The Dirt, en officiell bok om The Clash och stora coffee table-böcker. Här finns också en skönt utbud av CD-skivor, film och annat roligt.

I maj släpper vi dessutom två nya böcker om KISS och Iron Maiden, som självklart kommer att finnas på soulstore.se

Eftersom vi gillar Metalshrine-bloggen vill vi erbjuda dess läsare 20% rabatt på ALLT i vår webshop.

Surfa in och handla! Skriv koden soul_666 i "varukorgen" samt rutan för "rabattkod".



söndag 17 mars 2013

Intervju med David Coverdale!

Hans första ord när vi möttes backstage på Sweden Rock för många år sedan var "Hello darling!". En väldigt charmant herre. Att jag flera år senare skulle få möjlighet att intervjua honom trodde jag inte då.
Nu stod stjärnorna rätt i skyn och för en vecka sedan hade jag det stora nöjet att bli uppringd av denne legend. Efter diverse strul med sommartiden som nyss inträtt i USA, kunde vi dra igång vårt snack.
Coverdale skrattade och skämtade och var trevligheten själv. Whitesnake är aktuella med två livealbum, men det blev givetvis även snack om annat, som exempelvis albumet "Northwinds", nya utgivningar av skivor han köpt loss och den nyfunna vänskapen med Richie Blackmore.

As I understand it there´s two live albums coming out, “Live in Japan” and “Live in Britain”. Why two?

David Coverdale: Because they´re both extremely different. We didn´t plan the Japanese project. You know, the Japanese tour was booked and we were invited to headline at Loud Park and I hadn´t headlined a Japanese music festival since 1984, so that was a very exciting premise for me. They made a very generous offer and then asked if they could film three songs for a TV special. We said ok and my co-producers Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre and I, mixed the three songs and obviously watching the video and going crazy. It looked fantastic and we had them send over the rest of the footage and thought “This could be a fabulous follow up to Still of the night.”. And where we are now, featuring new songs for the first time. The record company we work with, Frontiers, they were absolutely positive in their response so we added that to the mix. What we´re doing with the “Made in Britain” CD, is giving it a different sonic identity. The CD from “Made in Japan” is a soundtrack and the bonus stuff features behind the scenes, soundcheck stuff we recorded in different Japanese venues. Having fun with some our songs, like trying an unplugged version of “Good to be bad” and “Tell me how” from the “Forever more” album. Stuff that people normally don´t get to hear. For the second CD it´s “Whitesnake the world record”. We´re taking songs from all over different cities, like Oslo and there might be a Sweden Rock. I´m not sure if we legally can do that. Stuff from Sao Paulo, Buenos Aeries, Rio. It´s two entirely different projects and for the end of the year, we´re hoping to achieve a limited edition box set for Christmas, called “Forever more – The complete collection” which will have everything “Forever more” related plus outtakes, alternate mixes, acoustic versions of songs, behind the scenes footage. Really cool stuff. It´s fascinating Niclas, because “Forever more” is an extraordinary jewel in the Whitesnake catalog. It still got legs, as they say. It´s still selling significant records and now I´m involved in a daily exercise called Twitter. A lot of people didn´t know Whitesnake was still going because a lot of people still don´t search the internet or listen to music and they feel they´ve grown out of music, but then discovering that we´re still playing and not only that, but flourishing as a positive force. It´s amazing, so people are checking out “Good to be bad” and “Forever more” since the first of January. Everything just keeps igniting the next wave of enthusiasm for Whitesnake, which is a great feeling.

Speaking of Twitter, did you come up with “I´ve been mistweeted” or did you steal that from someone?

David Coverdale: I´m not sure if I did. Doug Aldrich was bullying me while we were mixing. I´m going “What are you doing?” and he´s going “Ah, I´m just twittering.” and I was just “The very thought of me being a twitterer.”. I remember as a child, I´ve always been chatty and my mother or my father would go “David, for God´s sake, stop twittering on!” and then every time I thought “Ok, I´ll pick an auspicious day, my birthday 22 of September.” last year and then that passed and then it was “Ok, I´ll start twittering at Christmas.” and that passed. I actually started twittering on the first of January, which is rather easy to remember and then I went straight into one of those awful flu viruses, as did my entire family, but it was an opportunity to post pictures of the three of us with surgical masks on and call it the Lecter family. (laughs) It´s a lot of fun. It´s engaging, amusing and I won´t tolerate anybody being ridiculous, you know. The same boundaries that I´ve established in my private life. If you´re gonna be welcomed into this sanctum, please behave respectfully, as I would with you.! I´m not asking something from you that I´m not prepared to give you. This is how I am and these are the ground rules. When we established Whitesnake.com, I wanted it to be interactive. We did our research and looked at other bands´ sites and stuff and it was like holy hell going on. People swearing and being hateful towards each other and I went “Not a chance is this going to be anything we host.” Any negativity is not welcome, so we actually established “interneticred”. (laughs) If you behave badly, you´ll be asked to leave and guess what, if you´re not prepared to leave, we´ll fucking kick you out!. It´s a mutual exchange. It´s really easy to do and it´s 140 characters so I´ll be in the car being driven somewhere, doing it. I´m enjoying it so far. And these people become promotional people. They pass the information on. We have almost 500.000 people hooked into Whitesnake.com so when we send out a press release and they forward it to their friends, we´re looking at millions of people getting this information. Whereas before, an artist would have to rely on entirely on his record company, or her record company, how their music was promoted and marketed. Now I hear immediately from somebody, if they can´t find my records in Mexico City. They tell me immediately. It´s working together with the people supporting your work. I fucking love it, man! Honest to God Niclas, I embrace it completely. I know a lot of my contemporaries are very ignorant of it and refuse to acknowledge it. I´m embracing it in terms of how I´m getting my new music done, as a source of promoting Whitesnake and bringing peoples´ attention. Last year we started Whitesnake TV, which was incredibly successful and a way of staying in touch with people who I believe will support us when we go out this year on tour and also very likely support us by buying the new Whitesnake projects that are coming up.

When are we getting the David Coverdale autobiography?

David Coverdale: How white was my snake? (laughs) You know, I don´t have time man and I´m still living it. Honestly, there´s a huge obstacle for me because I´ve read some of my contemporaries work and I remember certain circumstances very differently. If I ever do this and right now I don´t have that enthusiasm, but if I do, I´m gonna be completely honest. Names will be named because to me, that´s the only way to do it but I´m not sure I´m comfortable with being as revealing. I´m very revealing in my work, but I don´t name names, so you don´t know who this woman was who was behaving like a bitch or who broke my heart. (laughs)

Have you read Glenn Hughes book that he did with Joel McIver?

David Coverdale: Yeah and it´s amazing. It´s my brother Glenn and I love him dearly but there are certain things that I remember differently, but I wish him every success. We´re in touch almost every day. He sent me a pre copy and it was beautiful.

When is there gonna be a Coverdale/Hughes album?

David Coverdale: You know, I don´t know! I don´t even know whether it has to be an album? One of the things we´re setting up with Whitesnake.com is that you´re gonna be able to download new ideas that Doug and I are messing around with. Not do the big over glossy stuff, just sharing music with people around the world and it´s the first time in history that I´ll be able to do that. I´ve just done a song for Bernie (Marsden) and I want him to be able to tell people what it is, but it was one of the songs that we wrote together many years ago in the early days and that was a lot of fun for me to do and it took no time at all. So it´s very likely that Glenn and I could do a song or two or even three or four, like the old EP. I don´t have time to make a commitment to make that kind of record. Whitesnake is my baby and Whitesnake is a huge foundation of what I do and what helps me live. I´m not really missing anything. I know a lot of musicians, if they do a solo album it´s like “Oh, I´m gonna play jazz guitar now. This is what I really love.”, but to me, when I did “Into the light”, it´s just David Coverdale being quieter and Whitesnake is a great opportunity for me to be a fucking lion and sometimes the lion gets a thorn in its paw, “Please darling, help me!”. The thing that´s more interesting to me is something in the future where I´m hopefully gonna be doing an evening with David Coverdale, where I play intimate venues and can interact physically as opposed to internet virtually. Physically interact with people and sing songs. Not in the huge Whitesnake arena or stadium style, but in a more intimate style like “Starkers…”. I really have a full dance card. Sorry Glenn! (laughs)

The album “Northwinds”, which I still consider being one of my top five favorite albums, is turning 35 this year. Any plans for a deluxe edition or something?

David Coverdale: No. I would very much like to do that and I´ve been trying to buy those albums back, but so far it´s been kind of an unreasonable scenario. That is my plan, to ultimately get that together. Thank you so very much! I do appreciate it because I feel that was the blueprint of a much more focused direction of where I was going. When I had the “David Coverdale Whitesnake” album, you can hear all of these different styles of music that I enjoy, but I think it´s confusing to the listener. “If I go to a concert, what is he gonna be fucking playing? Is he gonna have horns or percussion?”. I think “Northwinds” was much closer to that. I´ll tell you what I have done. I did buy back  “Into the light”, “Restless heart” and “Starkers in Tokyo” projects from EMI  and part of the plan is… we have so much extra bonus material. This year we did a 5.1 mix and completely revamped “Starkers in Tokyo”, which actually puts you in that little select audience. We found extra footage of Adrian and I rehearsing for the show and we´ve got an interview with Adrian that we did a couple of years back when he came to my home for a holiday. For “Restless heart” we have the entire making of the record and behind the scenes video and with “Into the light” too. They will be expanded and brand new. I´m gonna make them available in their original form. A lot of people go “Oh, don´t change it!”, but the new stuff just sounds… we just messed around with some of the “Into the light” stuff and toughened the guitars up a little bit and just mixing it, you know. I was on a creative high at that time so there´s a whole new extra CD worth of songs that I didn´t finish, but are interesting for the hardcore fans. I´m totally into expanding editions and I would like very much to buy those albums (Northwinds) out of the Deep Purple overseas company one of these days. Hopefully they will be more reasonable.

“Northwinds” was rereleased in 2000 with two bonus tracks.

David Coverdale: Yeah, I had nothing to do with that. When you find out years later that your contract deny you any artistic involvement after you´ve written and recorded those songs, and the songs are precious to you like children… that applies by the way, to all Deep Purple. We have absolutely no say. It´s astonishing for a band of that power and contractually it was so castrated by the dinosaur elements of contracts in those days. Very disagreeable and of course still in play. Of the current Purple I believe several members tried to change this several years ago and lost in the British courts. I couldn´t stand what they did to “Burn” and “Stormbringer” and it was very disappointing to me and I have no involvement, so I won´t promote those things. Kevin Shirley was very respectful to me. He did “Come taste the band” and did a masterly job on it and I´d love if he did the “Burn” and “Stormbringer” records, but I have no say in that. I just collect my royalties. One of the things that I fully embrace is the freedom and the liberation that I have in my career now.

Another Whitesnake album then? Are we talking 2014 or 2015?

David Coverdale: Well, Frontiers have discussed that with me and I do have a full agenda as you´ve heard and there´s more that that too. I wanna do an unplugged record and we´re still talking about it, my co-producers Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre and I. For me to commit for a new studio record will take a year out of my life whereas these other projects just take a couple of months. I might even be able to get back on the road next year. My last long tour was in 2011 and you´re gonna see shorter ones now and I wanna make sure I have the physical energy and power to be able to present shows as people wanna see me. If I commit to a nine month tour, I don´t think I´m gonna be able to deliver. I´m 61 years old and I´m in great shape, but I´m still 61 years old. It´s gonna be shorter tours and stuff. That´s the dilemma for me, to commit to a new studio record. Believe me, I would love the challenge to go further than “Forever more” because Doug and I and the band are so up for that. It´s just taking a whole fucking year to write new songs and quality songs, because we´re very critical. Anything that doesn´t resonate, we just let go. Regardless if I brought it to the table or Doug. But we have a fantastic writing situation. We sit down for a cup of coffee and he´ll pick a guitar up and I´ll sing some Christmas song and then we´ve got a fucking Christmas song! It´s a fabulous, natural, organic thing. The muse sits over us with joy and sprinkles ideas on us.

Hooking up with Doug Aldrich must´ve been a match made in heaven?

David Coverdale: Yeah, for the both of us. A creative marriage made in heaven is how I describe it. And Doug, I thank him with all my heart because when we first got together… I´m a very honest guy to work with and I´ll turn around and say “This is what I´m gonna.” Or “This is not what I´m gonna do.” And the last thing I wanted to do, was to get back into what I considered a very unsavory business, the music business, and the way it was. The idea of performing was one thing, so I made a deal with all the guys that we´d come together four to six months every year or two because we had a great time, but Doug was really patient with me. He would go “Can I play an idea I have?” and I´d go “Yeah, sure!” and a part of my was going “I don´t wanna hear any ideas.”, but it was impossible for me to not be seduced and then it got to the point where we were playing every year till I went “Nah, I can´t do it this way!”. Some of my favorite songs became very boring to perform and I thought that if I´m bored doing this, then my fucking audience is bored too. “It´s time for new music!” and that´s when I committed to do “Good to be bad” and I couldn´t be happier. It´s still one of my most played records.

A final thing and speaking of Twitter again. I was checking out your Twitter and a couple of days ago…

David Coverdale: (laughs) What a fucking world!

Yeah, and you posted a picture of a festival poster where you played in a band called Denver Mule?

David Coverdale: Yeah, in ´68. A friend of mine sent me that one. We weren´t billed, but there was another local band called Rivers Invitation, who I joined later. We actually opened the thing. If memory serves me right, it was poorly attended. I knew the organizers, which is why I got that opening act. We were like a little progressive band and in those days, playing “Born to be wild” was really risky. (laughs) No it´s a fucking dinner dance song played at weddings.

Do you have old stuff like that laying around somewhere?

David Coverdale: It´s interesting. The amount of loss I had last year. I lost my beloved aunt Sylvia who was like an older sister to me. She was the one who played me Little Richard when I was a young kid and who was still immensely influential on my rock voice. Chuck Berry told amazingly lyrical stories, funny stories and Elvis Presley of course, was sex on two fucking legs. We just had a beautiful relationship and I lost her which was very difficult. My wife lost a brother and there´s been a great deal of loss, she´s from a large family and she´s lost two brothers, her mother and her father and she´s very young for that kind of loss. Then of course I lost Jon Lord and it was just one after the other and it was extraordinarily difficult to process, but it also made me think how I wanted to reach out to Richie (Blackmore) to say personally “Thank you so much for the opportunity that you guys gave me.” and say it personally to him. There´s been some unpleasant times in history with mr Blackmore and I, but I really thought that it´s just not worth carrying these grudges, bad feelings, bad blood. Life´s too short and too precious. Now we have a great relationship and a lot of e-mail relationship where he´s sending back “Remember this picture?” or “Remember that time?”, so that´s where that came into my life. I´ve never been a nostalgic guy and don´t forget I´ve been through two very, very significant divorces. My first marriage I left with a badly packed suitcase and my old Gibson guitar which used to be John Lennon´s and with a sock hanging out of the suitcase, like a fucking cartoon. I lost a lot of stuff. A lot of platinum albums, a lot of gold albums, but I still have a beautiful collection. Some things you just have to let go of and it´s not my passion to go digging into the past. When this started to get interesting to me, was when we started Whitesnake.com. We wanted it to be the place to go for anything Whitesnake related and also a history archive, so that´s when I started going “Christ, I need content!”. Now of course, walking around with a telephone where you can just a photograph of Bernie and Adrian and me having dinner the night before Sweden Rock in Copenhagen, is like a gift to fans. It´s a great treasured memory for me, but fans feel involved. That´s when I started collecting memorabilia and then just share it out there.

Did you get that festival picture from Richie or did I get that wrong?

David Coverdale: No, no, that came from another guitarist that I´ve worked with. A fabulous guitarist in a local band from the north of England. And all because of reaching out. All I can do is make the gesture of holding my hand out and say “Forgive and forget. I love you and all is forgiven.”. It´s surprising that some people prefer to hold a grudge but it´s just not for me. My choice is to kiss and make up. (laughs) I don´t wanna have any excessive emotional baggage anymore. It´s not fucking worth it! For instance, Richie, God bless him, have just signed the big “California Jam” book for my son and his beautiful wife Candice was very gracious in sending it back to me. In fact, let me tell you this. I´m sitting next to Doug Aldrich and I´m e-mailing on my iPad with Richie and my iPhone suddenly gets a text from Jimmy Page and Doug Aldrich goes “Fuck man! Nobody on the planet can say they´re e-mailing Richie Blackmore and texting Jimmy Page at the same fucking time!”. Richie said to say hi to Jimmy and Jimmy sent a hello back and I was like an international fucking operator here. (laughs)

Looking forward to seeing you here in Stockholm where you´re playing Gröna Lund, the amusement park.

David Coverdale: I can´t wait! It´s a lunar park? We can go on a plane? (laughs)

No, an amusement park but it´s a good place.

David Coverdale: A good venue?

Yeah, it´s pretty cool and if summer´s good and the sun is shining, it´s gonna be awesome.

David Coverdale: Kick ass! Let´s make it so. Thank you so much Niclas! God bless!

Thank you!


lördag 16 mars 2013


Steve Harris British Lion

Klubben, Stockholm 130316

Min gissning är att åtminstone hälften av den skara människor som sökt sig till Klubben ikväll kom in gratis. Steve Harris må sälja ut Friends Arena på några minuter med sitt Iron Maiden, men själv lyckas han inte lika bra.
Klubben är halvfull och även om publiken är entusiastisk och bröderna Hårdrock är på plats, känns det en aningens tragiskt. Steve Harris kanske skiter i vilket, men nog måste det vara ett hårt slag mot basistens ego? Själv finner jag den dåliga uppslutningen på sverigegigen fascinerande. Jag har nog haft en naiv tanke om fanatiska Maidenfans och räknade nog kallt med att ett litet spelställe som Klubben skulle vara knökfullt på en lördag. Så är inte fallet och det är lite underligt. Biljetter har under senaste veckan delats ut gratis till höger och vänster på nätet och själv blev jag uppskriven på gästlistan utan att ha bett om det.
Hur som haver, bandet är på bettet och hade det inte varit för Harris bas, som lägger sig som en tjock matta över gitarrerna, så hade det nog inte varit helt tokigt. Visst, låtmaterialet Britsih Lion presenterade på skiva är långt ifrån intressant, men här och där finns små bitar som tilltalar.
Steve Harris har med sig ett entusiastiskt band och under några sekunder undrar jag om J Mascis hoppat in på gitarr? En av gitarristerna är slående like den gamle Dinosaur Jr-snubben.
kanske är det som sagt lite bittert för Steve att veta att han på egen hand inte är ett namn att räkna med, men hans fingrar galopperar över strängarna som de alltid gjort och han ser ut att trivas på den lilla scenen, men något "Scream for me Stockholm!" är det inte. Inte på långa vägar.
Roligast under kvällen ser dock hans svenske och trofasta massör ut att ha, där han skakar tass och kramas med diverse folk i publiken.

Betyg: 2/5


Mer fakta om boken "KISS - Nothin´to lose".

Ett givet köp.


"Nothin’ to Lose: the Making of KISS (1972-1975) chronicles the crucial formative years of the legendary rock band KISS, culminating with the groundbreaking success of their classic 1975 album Alive! and the smash single “Rock and Roll All Nite,” a song that nearly four decades later remains one of the band’s most enduring anthems. Drawing on more than 200 new interviews,, the 544 page hardback book offers a captivating and intimate fly-on-the-wall account of their launch, charting the struggles and ultimate victories that led them to the threshold of superstardom. Constructed as an oral history, the book, includes original interviews with Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter, as well as producers, engineers, management, record company personnel, roadies, club owners, booking agents, concert promoters, costume, stage and art designers, rock photographers, publicists, and key music journalists. Many of KISS's musical contemporaries from the time, most of whom shared concert bills with the band on their early tours, also lend their perspective via new interviews including Bob Seger, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Rush, Slade, Blue Oyster Cult, Mott the Hoople, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Raspberries, James Gang, Montrose, Black Oak Arkansas, Ted Nugent, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, New York Dolls, Iggy & the Stooges, The Ramones, Suzi Quatro, Savoy Brown, Argent, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Suzi Quatro, Leslie West, Status Quo, Jo Jo Gunne, The Rockets and Wishbone Ash among others. Profusely illustrated with over 150 photos, the end result is an indelible and irresistible portrait of a band on the rise and the music scene they changed forever."

Från Ros Radley (via KISSFAQ) som hjälpt Ken Sharp med research:

"Just a few words to address concerns about this book. For the last two years I've been helping Ken research and edit photos for this book and I have some helpful information about just what this book is about.

1. This book has 200+ NEW interviews. Notice the word "NEW" meaning this is not just a rehash of Behing the Mask. Obviously, a small portion of the interviews in Behind the Mask are still useful to tell the story of this early period in KISS's history but the majority of Nothin' To Lose is NEW, never before published interviews. Those interviewed were producers, engineers, management, record company personnel, roadies, club owners, booking agents, concert promoters, costume, stage and art designers, rock photographers, publicists, and key music journalists. All of these people provide first hand accounts of their experiences with KISS during the band formative years. As for bands represented in book, all are in there for a reason, they either toured with KISS during '74-75 or saw them live in club days.

2. This is not a "dirt" book and definitely not a "bash fest" on Ace and Peter.

3. It will have 150+ photos, most have never been seen or published before. Behing the Mask only had about 50. Most people on this website know me as a "photo guy" so believe me when I say you will love the photos in this book.

4. It's 544 pages for only $17 (on Amazon). There's no reason anyone should complain about the price.

5. Please remember, Ken Sharp has a proven track record when it comes to KISS. From the Goldmine magazine interviews to Behind the Mask to The Ultimate KISS Fanzine Phenomenon, Ken has delivered great material on KISS time and time again. There's no question he is a passionate, dedicated and thoughtful KISS fan and you can trust Nothin' To Lose will prove it again.

Paul's hair was not photo shopped (Book cover). However, Peter was photo shopped in from a different photo from the same session. In the original shot, Gene, Ace and Paul all looked perferct but you couldn't see Peter behind them. I took the solo shot of Peter with his arms up and put it in there. Despite anyone's opinion about Peter's book or Peter in general, I believe he deserves to be seen and prominently represented. There is no disputing the fact that Peter was on fire behind those drums during the years covered in NTL. If you need proof just watch the Winterland show from January 31, 1975.

There are new interviews with Gene and Paul but, for obvious reasons, Ace and Peter were not willing to do interviews for this book. Just know, it wasn't for lack of trying.

95% of the Slade interviews in NTL are new and they actually get more coverage than any other band.

Thanks, Ros Radley"


torsdag 14 mars 2013

Max Cavaleras bok på tryck.

Joel McIver har lämnat in sin bok för tryckning. Garanterat intressant läsning.
Från hans Facebook idag:

"Pow! And so Max Cavalera's autobiography finally goes off to the publishers via the literary agents, packed full of crazy stories thanks to Max, Gloria, Richie, Igor and the rest of the Cavalera family plus Monte Conner, Mike Patton, Corey Taylor, Dino Cazares, David Ellefson, Rex Brown, David Vincent, Terry Date and a foreword by that nice Dave Grohl."


There´s a new king in town!
Grohls film om studion Sound City är briljant. En njutning för ögat men framförallt för örat. För tusende gången påminns jag om vilken otrolig musik som gjorts genom åren. Inte bara i Sound City utan överhuvudtaget. Magin och känslan som sliter tag i en och aldrig vill släppa.
Grohl hyllar den legendariska studion där "Nevermind" spelades in under 16 dagar, men det är också en hyllning till Neve-boarden som skapade soundet och även en liten känga åt den digitala utvecklingen. Dock visar han med hjälp av Trent Reznor hur man kan omfamna den digitala tidsåldern med alla sina manicker på rätt sätt och använda den som ett verktyg.
Intervjusnuttar med Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Trent Reznor och Josh Homme, för att bara nämna några, varvas med gamla bilder från studions storhetstid och berättelsen förs hela tiden framåt av alla de som var med när det begav sig.
Man kan verkligen förstå vilket magiskt ställe det var, även om studiokomplexet i sig var slitet och sunkigt och de flesta ville bort därifrån så fort inspelningsdagen var slut.
Jag måste säga att jag njöt av varenda sekund och filmen är riktigt snyggt gjord. Grabben har helt klart talang och jag tvivlar på att det här blir hans sista film.
Sekvensen som står ut mest är låten han spelade in med Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic och Pat Smear där Butch Vig rattade spakarna. Tänka sig att den gamle Beatlesbasisten hade så mycket rå rock and roll kvar i sig. Galet och vackert på en och samma gång.
Sound City rekommenderas varmt till alla som har det misnta lilla intresse av musik och dess historia.

Betyg: 5/5


onsdag 13 mars 2013

Vad händer?

Ja, det är den stora frågan. Flera intervjuer har gjorts och en del är planerade att göras. Psychopunch är ett trevligt litet band från Västerås och jag tog mig ett litet snack med dem för en tid sedan.
I måndags ringde självaste David Coverdale upp och berättade vad som händer i Whitesnakelägret. Väldigt kul.
Jag har snackat med Nicke Borg, Martin i Hardcore Superstar och Amaranthe på Rocket Radio 95.3 FM. Trevliga snack om allt möjligt, men dessa kommer jag inte skriva ut. Amaranthe gjorde jag dock en egen intervju med några dagar efter. 
Jag sänder på fredagar kl. 16-18 och man kan även lyssna på nätet här http://www.narradio.se/webbradio.php Nu på fredag kommer jag tjata lite tillsammans med Rebell Robert, legenden från tunnelbanan.
På fredag ska jag även hinna med att sitta med Airbourne då de gästar stan i promosyfte. Nya plattan svänger ganska bra.
Förutom allt det här så har jag börjat skriva för en väldigt stor tidning och så här långt gjort intervjuer med Killswitch Engage och Manowar. Jag återkommer längre fram med mer detaljer.


tisdag 12 mars 2013

Ny låt med Ghost: "Year zero"!

Klicka på länken! Det strulade först och jag fick öppna via Chrome istället. Intressant låt, men "Secular haze" låter roligare.

Ghost HÄR

Diamond Dave om Van Halen: "Konflikter från första mötet."

Intressant klipp från gårdagens 2 timmarsintervju på Opie & Anthony.

Kinesiska konstnären Ai Weiwei ger ut hårdrocksalbum.

Han samarbetar med musikern Zuoxiao Zuzhou och fick idén efter sin tid i fängelse 2011. Nio låtar blir det och han planerar att ta hjälp av Elton John för att kunna få ut musiken till allmänheten. kan bli intressant, to say the least.

Story i Rolling Stone HÄR

Lyssna på Hellsingland Underground live i Ljusdal!

Gör dig själv en tjänst och lyssna på ett av Sveriges bästa band, inspelade live på Rosehills i Ljusdal sommaren 2012.

Lyssna HÄR


måndag 11 mars 2013



Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm 130311

En bild säger mer än 1000 ord, eller vad säger man? Jag har aldrig sett Manowar live tidigare. Den stora anledningen till det är att jag alltid funnit dem usla. Första gången jag hörde en låt med Manowar var troligtvis i mitten på 80-talet, men inte ens då, i deras prime, kunde jag ta till mig dessa muskulösa jänkare.
Genom åren har jag intervjuat Eric, Scott och Karl och de har alla varit urtrevliga, men se dem live har jag aldrig haft någon längtan till.
På söndagskvällen var det då dags. Min Manowaroskuld skulle tas och jag ställde mig längst bak i lokalen med ett öppet sinne. Jag skulle verkligen ge dem en chans. Scenen var liten och publiken hade slutit upp ganska bra när de strax efter klockan åtta intog Stockholm.
Ljudet var högt och den bullrande basen lyckades dränka gitarren fullständigt. Det gjorde dock ingen större skada då Logans "känsla" för sitt instrument måste vara noll. Sällan har jag lyssnat på ett så oinspirerat filande som det den mannen fick ur sig. DeMaios bas fullkomligen slaktade allt. Visserligen hade jag öronproppar, men det gjorde ingen större skillnad.
"El Gringo" inleddes två gånger innan man lyckades ro hem den på tredje försöket. Anledningen var att Demaio var orolig för fansen längst fram samt att hans bas vid andra försöket var ostämd. Amatörmässigt.
Nej, Manowar live är nog inget jag vill önska min värsta fiende. Ett mer meningslöst bröl får man leta efter. Länge. Jag har varit på 100-tals konserter och sett allt från fantastiska spelningar till riktigt usla. Ingen konsert kommer i närheten av den uselhet som jänkarna visade upp denna kväll. Det hela blev bara pinsamt. Ett Spinal Tap på riktigt, upphöjt till tio.

Betyg: 1/5


Call to Arms 
Sign of the Hammer 
The Power 
Hail, Kill and Die 
Brothers of Metal Pt. 1 
El Gringo
Thunder in the Sky 
The Sons of Odin 
Hand of Doom 
Kill With Power 
Kings of Metal 
Hail and Kill 
The Lord of Steel 
Warriors of the World United  
Black Wind, Fire and Steel


lördag 9 mars 2013

Besök på KISS-utställningen.

För en vecka sedan åkte jag in till stan med döttrarna i släptåg. Målet var bokrean och försöka hitta något kul till barnen. När det uppdraget var slutfört drog jag med mig döttrarna bort till Söder för ett litet besök på KISS-utställningen som huserat i källaren på Extreme Food sedan slutet av januari.
Barnen var måttligt intresserade och ville mest åka hem, men pappa Niclas var tvungen att ta sig en titt på allt som fanns där.
Tyvärr blev jag inte speciellt imponerad och hade nog förväntat mig lite roligare saker än vad som bjöds på. Ett par slitna gympadojjor som Stanley haft fötterna i eller en ohygglig skjorta som Kulick burit, är inget jag fascineras av. Mycket av krutet hade även lagts på en hel drös med urklipp från dagstidningar, där egentligen bara de från 70-talet var intressanta. Dock hade jag redan läst de flesta. 
Men här fanns en och annan godsak, som exempelvis skivspelaren från Tiger, postern för spelningen på Gröna Lund 1976, flipperspelet och ett set med vrålsnygga posters för "KISS meets the phantom of the park".
Nedan bjuder jag på några bilder.


fredag 8 mars 2013

Y&T tillbaka till Sverige!

Just what the doctor ordered. Tre nya gig är inplanerade för Meniketti och hans mannar. Missa det inte!

24/10 Stockholm Debaser Medis
25/10 Göteborg Sticky Fingers
26/10 Malmö KB


torsdag 7 mars 2013

Ytterligare en ny låt från Intronaut!

Bandet går från klarhet till klarhet. Efter AIC är det här det album jag ser mest fram emot.

Obscen summa pengar för KISS-leksak!

3381 dollar såldes en sådan här gammal (1979) leksak för igår på eBay. Tydligen kom den aldrig ut på marknaden och är bara en prototyp. Galet.

Randy Blythe är en stor man.

Starka ord från Randy Blythe angående hans tid i Prag, rättegången och familjen till killen som dog. Ord som ger hopp om mänskligheten.

“I am leaving Prague now- I hope not to return for a long while. This has nothing to do with this city, the people who live here, or the Czech Republic itself at all. This is a wonderful place, & many people have been kind to me. Not a single soul here has been rude or mean to me at all, nor done me any harm- in fact it is quite the opposite. I have grown to love this city, for it is a marvelous, magical town. I encourage everyone to come visit here, to see this lovely country. But for me it is a place of great sadness. While I am relieved that my innocence was proven & apparently I shall not be going to prison, I am in no way shape or form a happy man right now. The small inconveniences I have been through since my arrest are not noteworthy. People go through much worse daily & still keep a smile on their faces, but currently my smiles are far & few between. A young man is still dead, & his family still suffers. Please remember that fact. This family did no wrong, & have shown me great kindness- with silence, with actions, & finally with words- they spoke on my behalf to the court, & we had a private talk afterwards. All I will say about that is that they were very kind to me & displayed the utmost strength & class, & wished me a good life. They just want to get on with their lives the best they can. I wish them only the best, & will keep them in my thoughts & prayers. Please do the same- think good thoughts of them & healing thoughts for them. Trust me, they are good people, & I mean that from the bottom of my heart. They did NOTHING wrong. This picture is from Kutna Hora, at the Sedlec Ossuary. I was there yesterday- like Prague, it is an amazing place. About this city, Kafka wrote: ‘Prague doesn’t let go…This old crone has claws. One has to yield, or else.’ I have found this to be true. I am yielding, I am leaving a part of myself here, I think. Some bit of me will always roam these streets at night, & that is only fitting. Now I will go home & try to see what good I can make come out the destruction that occurred here- it is the only correct thing to do. Rest in peace, Daniel Nosek.”


onsdag 6 mars 2013

It´s a bootleg bonanza!

Äntligen anlände då ovanstående godbit från min kontakt i England. Visserligen är det ett bootleg av ett bootleg, men vad gör det? 8 skivor med blandat livegodis från tiden med Bruce och Eric, därav namnet Mark V. Lyssning får det bli till helgen.
I samma paket fanns även "Behind closed doors" med diverse demos samt Wicked Lester från samma tapekälla som användes på KISS-boxen.
Som grädde på moset fick jag även två bootlegs med Van Halen från Quebec och Cincinatti. Båda från magiska 1984-turnén.


tisdag 5 mars 2013

Randy Blythe en fri man.

Något annat hade varit en skandal. Randy är en lite lätt underlig karaktär, men han ska ha enormt med kudos för att han reste tillbaka till Prag för rättegången.

Filmen om Jason Becker på SVT Dox!

Tisdag 12 mars kl. 22.00 visar SVT Dox filmen om Jason Becker. Återigen visar Dox vilken oerhört god smak de har när det gäller att leta fram intressanta dokumentärer.
Det lustiga är att jag på hemvägen från jobbet idag diskuterade just den här filmen med en kollega och även "Mission to Lars", som jag hoppas snart också dyker upp.

Whitesnake till Gröna lund i juni!

Den 5:e juni står den vita ormen på Gröna lunds scen. Tommy Aldridge är tillbaka som trummis efter Tichys avhopp. Frågan är om Covvans röst håller? Han har ju dragits med en del problem de senaste åren.
Det har även meddelats att Testament spelar på Getaway och Masters of Reality intar Sweden Rock Festival.


måndag 4 mars 2013

Ny bok om Scorpions.

Martin Popoff does it again. Få producerar så många böcker som kanadicken Popoff och dessutom är de alltid väldigt välskrivna och mycket intressanta.

"Martin Popoff here, with the book you’ve been asking me to write the MOSTEST... Scorpions: Top Of The Bill (Sorry, my designer Eduardo was getting fancy – it’s not a hardcover, but otherwise, that’s what she looks like!) Below is the back cover blurb, but yeah, this is the book you guys have been asking for the most from me! Quite bizarre, but this is the only book on the band, other than Herman’s memoir and this strange German-language non-biog from Rudolf. So yeah, pretty massive book here, and like the Nugent, designed by my buddy Eduardo so it looks nice and is stuffed with a couple hundred pictures as well. And you’ll like the price of it, I hope. Even though I’ve reduced only a bit from past practice, it’s actually down quite a lot because the damn postage has just gone up again. Orders will be signed from me to you, so please specify if it’s a present for someone else. Blackout At The Zoo!

No question that Scorpions, Germany’s loudest and proudest rock band ever, have done much for heavy metal over the years, and it’s high time a book on them hit the shelves. Well, the wait is over with the arrival of Scorpions: Top Of The Bill, which looks at every song on every album the Teutonic tone-masters ever crafted, beginning with Lonesome Crow back in ‘72 through to the band’s triumphant "retirement" album Sting In The Tail (and beyond into Comeblack - long story!). Speedy’s Coming, Dark Lady, Catch Your Train, Virgin Killer, Another Piece Of Meat, Animal Magnetism, Lovedrive, Holiday, The Zoo, Blackout, No One Like You, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Still Loving You, Wind Of Change... these are hits and deep album tracks built into the very fabric of heavy metal, and the stories of their making are all here. Come join Martin as he embarks on conversation and analysis with all of the principals and beyond, including Klaus Meine, Uli Jon Roth, Herman Rarebell, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs, along with the likes of David Krebs, Ralph Rieckermann, Francis Buchholz and legendary manager David Krebs.

Price including shipping: US orders: $33.00 US funds Int’l orders (all books go air): $44.00 Cdn. funds Canadian orders: $36.00 Cdn. funds PayPal happily accepted.
Ask me if you’d like a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in), or just do yer usual and direct funds to martinp@inforamp.net Sweet postage savings to be had for multiple orders (or two of pretty much anything – long story, ask me!). Two is definitely the magic number for Europe. Or mail payment (personal check in US funds, cash, or INTERNATIONAL money order), to: Martin Popoff P.O. Box 65208, 358 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 2Z2"

Jerry Cantrell talar!

Nu blir jag bara ännu mer sugen på "The devil put dinosaurs here".

"We made a unique record that's completely different from anything we ever did," he tells Rolling Stone. "It encapsulates a period of time, like all records do. You see growth and that the band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven't been to before, but we haven't lost our identity."

Intervju i Rolling Stone HÄR