söndag 28 oktober 2012

Mick Wall om sin nya bok om AC/DC.

Jag gillar verkligen Mick Wall och de böcker han tidigare skrivit om bl a Metallica och Led Zeppelin. Hans senaste tegelsten om AC/DC har nu utkommit och på sin blogg säger han följande:

"I'm proud of it. It's the best thing I've done since the Zeppelin book. Not that I'm not proud of the Metallica book too. I am, very. But some books just have that little something extra and AC/DC has it. Mainly, because their story has simply never been told before, except by well-meaning fans. I am not and never have been a well-meaning fan. I am a sniffer out of great stories. And the best never run smoothly. That's what makes them great. The nitty-gritty shitty-bitty titty-licky truth. You know, that thing the bands never actually want anyone to know? Yeah, that."

Saxat från innerkonvolutet:

"Megan Fox likes to be seen wearing their T-shirts. Keith Richards says guitarist Malcolm Young is better than he is. While the LA Times memorably asked: 'Why so many Satanic lyrics? Why the bisexual implications in the name? Didn't the lead singer drink himself to death? What kind of heroes are these?' The answer: the kind that has sold over 200 million albums, played more than 10,000 shows, and still doesn't give a fuck what you think about it.
They are AC/DC and this is their never-before-told story. From their gang-busting origins on the notoriously heavy Australian pub scene of the early 1970s, to their punk-defying assault on first Britain then America in the 1980s - ruthlessly shedding many of the band members, managers, producers and record company executives that helped them get there - this is the hard-hitting, behind closed doors, in-depth biography AC/DC fans have been waiting for.
In Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be, world-renowned rock chronicler Mick Wall unearths fresh, previously unheard testimony from all the key players in the AC/DC story. In doing so, he recounts more than the story of one band; he tells the story of a family - a clan - that brooks no quarrel from outsiders. Uncovering for the first time the truth behind the mysterious death of singer Bon Scott in 1980, and giving unflinching insight into the dizzying highs and often self-inflicted lows of their career thereafter with replacement Brian Johnson, this is the story of three determinedly ruthless brothers - Malcolm and his schoolboy-uniform-wearing younger sibling Angus, and older brother George, who masterminded all their early albums and remains the eminence-grise behind AC/DC to this day.
Tough guys from the Glasgow schemes, the Youngs have seen off drugs, death, divorce and the eternal damnation of critics to become one of the biggest, best-known rock bands in the world. 'We know what we are,' Angus once said. 'Rock'n'roll.'"


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