torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Q&A med Mario och Anders i Nightrage!

För några veckor sedan gjorde jag en radiointervju med Mario i Nightrage. En trevlig grek som brinner för sitt band.
Jag skickade även iväg lite frågor och fick svar från både Mario och Anders.

What are you up to at the moment?

Marios :Right now we are on a North American tour with Firewind, Arsis and White Wizzard. The tour goes really well and we are getting a cool response for our new album and the live shows that we are doing. Right now we are traveling in Canada to play in Kelowna and we can’t wait to make another cool show. There is a couple of shows to get done and so far we are really happy with the tour and we can´t wait to come back to North America for more shows.

Why is Olof sitting out the tour and how is he doing?

Marios: He couldn’t do the tour because of financial reasons and also he has to do shows with his other band. Other than that he is doing fine and he can’t wait to come back to the Nightrage shows.

Tell us a bit about the upcoming tour?

Marios: The upcoming tour will take place in Europe at February 2012, and we are going to be co –headliners along with Deadlock. Threat Signal will also be on the package and some other support acts. We are working on this idea right now with our booker Wietze from Armada Agency and we can´t wait to play those shows and meet all our European fans.

How did you pick Bill Hudson to fill in?

Marios: Antony knew him and we just asked him and he was really interested and willing to play with us, I have showed him all of the songs through Skype and then we took 4 days in our hotel in Tampa Florida just before the tour, and we jammed all songs and fine tune all parts together. He is doing a really great work and he is a very cool guy and amazing guitarist. We have the most of fun here on the North America tour.

Where did the title "Insidious" come from?

Marios: It’s a title that Antony had from a long time and when he showed me, I instantly liked it and then after some time we felt that this is also the title for the new album. It fits really well with the lyrical concept of the new album. We are speaking about the darker side of human beings and the way that they treat other people. This title inspired me to write the most of the lyrics for this album and it was the right idea at the right time to make this album.

Tell us a bit about the artwork?

Marios: Well I sent the title track “Insidious” to Gustavo Sazes, (he also did the last cover of our previous album “Wearing A Martyr´s Crown”) along with the lyrics and then he sent us this cover, I think he really understands our music and lyrics and he has the ability to transfer and capture this on a cover idea. We are happy with his work and also the fact that he is fast, precise and very focused.

Any fun stories from the recording sessions?

Anders: We recorded the album in Athens, so we often went out to eat and met friends who live in the city. One night we bought a lot of beer and walked all the way up to Akropolis and sat there drinking and looking at all the illuminated Greek temples. That´s a memory that will last a long time.

Were there any leftovers from the recording sessions that didn’t make it unto the album?

Anders: No, everything we recorded made the album

What was it like working on this album?

Anders: We recorded in Zero Gravity Studios in Athens and then we mixed the album at home in Studio Fredman, in Gothenburg. We worked with a guy called Terry, in Greece. He did a great job with recording everything. Then of course, Studio Fredman are masters when it comes to getting a great metal production.

How do you go about writing songs for an album? Do you ever use stuff that didn’t en up on the previous one?

Anders: Det är mest Marios och Olof som skriver musiken. Absolut, ibland kommer det med gamla riff som har skrivits för flera år sen.
It´s mostly Mario and Olof who write the music. And yes, sometimes old riffs that we´re written years ago, are used.

Where did you get the idea for the Def Leppard cover?

Anders: We wanted to make a cover of something that wasn´t metal to begin with. On our previous album we did a Metallica cover, which was loads of fun, but it´s more of a challenge to pick a song like “Photograph”. We probably chose it because of the chorus, which I think fits our overall sound.

Was it a difficult song to record?

Anders: We worked a lot on the vocals, but fortunate enough, Apollo from Firewind helped us a lot with the choruses.

When can we expect Nightrage to hit Sweden?

Anders: We have plans to tour Europe in 2012 and if they want to book us somewhere in Sweden, it would be awesome to play on my home turf.


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