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Rapport från Dimebash 2011!

Själv var jag inte där, men min cybervän Carl Alvarez var där. Jag har aldrig träffat Carl eller pratat med honom. All kontakt har hittills skett via mail och Facebook. Det hela började med att jag hittade ett klipp på YouTube med Black N´Blue här, där liveinspelningar strömmade fram över bilder på gamla flyers mm. Jag kontaktade carl och undrade om han hade några bootlegs, vilket han tyvärr inte hade. Dock visade det sig att han var med på det glada 80-talet och hängde på alla de coola haken som jag själv bara hade våta drömmar om. Han såg tidiga konserter med alla de stora LA-banden och min avundsjuka är fortfarande gigantisk.
Sedan dess hörs vi på Facebook och då jag visste att han skulle på Dimebash frågade jag helt sonika om han kunde göra en liten recap.
Här är den!

Dimebash 2011 at the Key Club Hollywood, CA Wednesday 12/14/2011

Dimebag and Dio remembered with all proceeds going to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund! A great cause!

Hello this is Carl Alvarez, metal connoisseur, video editor, producer, etc., Metal Shrine has given me the opportunity to do a guest blog post, so I decided to start right off with a bang - Dimebash 2011 coverage.

Arriving right around 9:00 pm we had a little trouble getting our passes this kind of stuff happens in LA, so it’s not unusual. To pass the time away, we hung out near the backstage door, seeing that we were on the publicity list. The fine staff at the Key Club really helped us get squared away and got us inside, so no grief on our end. Standing outside for that amount of time gave us a chance to see the who’s who in rock coming in and out. First spotted drummer Simon Wright and the keyboardist from Dio Disciples. Kill Devil Hill project member and long time Dio devotee Vinnie Appice. Serge Tankian was spotted near the door inside the club. Tom Morrello rolled up with Ben Harper and some other friends. Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains showed up and chatted it up a bit with Tom Morello. Rita, Dime’s longtime girlfriend was spotted as well as Sebastian Bach who came with his current girlfriend and a bevy of beauties tagging along.

That Metal Show’s Ed Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson hosted the show.

Once we got inside, here’s what we caught:

Saints of Low with Ben Harper. Saint of Low is an outfit out of Costa Mesa, California fronted by pro skateboarder Mike Vallely. They pound out a modern version of stoner rock on overdrive. Check out the video (below):

Sebastian Bach, John 5 Joey Vera, Chris Howorth performing Van Halen covers “Unchained” and “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love.” Everyone knows that Dimebag was a huge Van Halen fan as Sebastian Bach reminded the audience and the audience wasn’t going to disagree with this all-star line-up’s song selections. A word about Sebastian Bach, he handled a good majority of the vocal duties for fair amount of the night’s performances and did an exceptional job!

Dug Pinnick performing Thin Lizzy’s “Jail Break.” Brother Dug gave Phil Lynott justice with Dimebash looking down and smiling.

If you haven’t seen Dio Disciples I can only say they are a must see group keeping the spirit of Ronnie James Dio alive and well. Check out these 2 performances one with guest vocalist Robin McCauley of MSG fame and the other Dio Disiciples with the Rainbow classic “Stargazer” (footage below)

Glenn Hughes performance with Dio Disciples doing “Catch The Rainbow” was absolutely flawless. I was down in the VIP area standing next to Rex Brown as he and everyone else there were cheering watching this truly awe inspiring performance from the master Glenn Hughes.

Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” with Sebastian Bach, Kill Devil Hills’ Dewey Bragg & Rex Brown

“Cowboys from Hell “ with Sebastian Bach, Rex Brown

“Seek and Destroy” with James Lomenzo, Phil Demmel, David Draiman, Grim Reaper’s Nik Bowcott (playing a left-handed Eddie Van Halen VH1 Charvel) and Brian Tichey

“Cemetery Gates” with Marc Jackson, Rex Brown, Sebastian Bach and I forgot the guitarist’ name but he did a flawless job on Dime’s guitar duties. Everyone in the VIP area was high 5ing him.

There is talk that Dimebash 2011 was being filmed for a DVD release. This would make sense since there was a semi strict no video camera filming or photo taking policy, although camera phones were permitted. So if you couldn’t make it out to California, you might be able to experience Dimebash 2011 via your TV screen in the comfort of your own home.

There was much more happening including Geezer Butler and David Draiman performing “Mob Rules," Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies performing “War Inside My Head” and many more, but the festivities lasted until 2:00AM and this headbanger needed to get his rest. There's always Dimebash 2012 next year.

/Carl Alvarez

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