lördag 14 december 2013

Jarvis/Olsson bjuder på tungt gung. 

Ett projekt som tydligen aldrig sett dagens ljus. Janne Jarvis från Hate Gallery och även tidigare basist i Warrior Soul, slog ihop sin påse med SvD´s Linnea Olsson. Låter intrressant måste jag erkänna. 

Janne skriver så här på sin Facebook: 

"The story behind the music; this was a collaberation between Janne and Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson. Unfortunately due to contractual disputes with Nuclear Blast, it was never released. Unbelievably enough, this was due to the fact that the tracks had been recorded in Ghost's studio! Amazingly, the MD is a fanatical Christian and refused to have anything to do with the band because of the association with their ghoulish friends, three months into a long negotiation.
Add to this the increasingly fractious relationship between our two protagonists and you have a doomed collaboration.
Nevertheless, just to prove that the last few years have not bared some fruit; here it is kids, 'Crucifix In A Death Hand' with 'Pyramid Eye'."


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