onsdag 5 mars 2014

Bathory på Record Store Day.

En hel del trevliga släpp att se fram emot. Cherrybombed.com har satt ihop en lista.

Prong – Turnover b/w Revenge Best Served Cold. Pressed on green/white marble. (3000 copies) Soundgarden – Superunknown – The Singles (5×10 set) 
Machine Head - Killers & Kings (Demo) b/w Our Darkest Days (Ignite Cover ). Presented with four different sleeves (1000 copies each). 
Motörhead – What’s Words Worth, Live in 1978. Pressed on 180 gram red vinyl 
Motörhead – Motörhead. Douple LP pressed on 180 gram white vinyl 
Deep Purple – Shades of Purple 7″ (originally recorded in 1968) 
Testament - Live in London. Double LP pressed on 180g red vinyl 
Rainbow - Rockplast 1995–Black Masquerade. Triple record set pressed on 140g red vinyl 
Pantera -  Far Beyond Driven Double LP 
Mastodon - Live at Brixton Double LP + DVD 
Hawkwind – Church of Hawkwind (originally released in 1982). Double LP pressed on 180g clear vinyl 
Bathory - Bathory (1983) 
Bathory - Under the Sign of Black (1986) 
Bathory - Blood Fire Death – (1988) 
Bathory - Hammerheart (1990) 
Bathory - Twilight of the Gods (1991) *All on picture disc* 
Ghoul – Hang 10 (10″) – A six-song limited edition EP release from the Oakland thrashers.


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