torsdag 29 november 2012

Mick Wall om nya skivor.

Jag gillar verkligen Mick Wall. Rec av hans senaste tegelsten om AC/DC kommer inom en snar framtid.
Hans senaste inlägg på sin blogg handlar om köpet av nya skivor eller rättare sagt, bristen på köp av nya skivor.

"I was asked by Classic Rock recently to participate in their annual critics' poll and list my Top 10 albums/reissues/etc of the year. I had to politely pass. Not because I am above such things. I used to love putting these lists together, as do we all. But this year, seeing as I've been up to my eyes in the AC/DC book, I've had to temporarily withdraw from regularly reviewing stuff for the mag, and thus been even more out of the new releases loop than usual. I thought about it, though, just to be a team player. Which is when it hit me. What do the most recent albums by ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen or Whoever have in common? Answer: nobody other than rock critics or those bands' most ardent fans have actually been bothered to listen to them. Nor do the rest of us really care. Sure, we read the promo drivel that precedes them, lap up the stories (again), but when it comes to actually shelling out some ridiculously antiquated price for them on CD (remember CD?), we yawn and turn the page to read about something else. And that's because that's where we are in 2012. The days of the rock gods handing down their latest platters like gold from the mountains are gone, brother. Even the Stones finally wised-up and realised it was pointless sticking out yet another half-asred 'new' album. Better to make available the one good track there would have been on it and simply overcharge for their shows. No one gives a shit about the so-called new stuff anyway. Not when we've already got the old. The days of gratefully sitting through - yawn - all 60 minutes of some godawful CD where only two, if that, of the tracks really kill, are over. Play us the hits, you tits, or we're gonna tune out. Our time is now more precious than yours and we're not bothered anymore about the rest of that bullshit. They blame the internet for 'declining album sales'. But it's the internet that has freed us, the sap listeners, the impulse buyers, from being snagged like fish on the worms they dangle before us. So, no, I don't actually have any favourite albums this year. Not from the so-called giants from the past anyway. Yet I love good music more than ever, which includes tracks from that cool BCC album, and one or two others of note. But don't even get me started on those overpriced live DVDs. What, when we've got Youtube??? Seriously?"


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