söndag 20 januari 2013

Bok om KISS-singlar!

Det verkar inte finnas ett slut på böcker om KISS. Förutom de tre svenska böcker som kommer ut under 2013 finns det nu även en holländare som ger sig på ett boksläpp om "the greatest act since death". 
Henk van´t Zand har samlat på sig en oansenlig hög med singlar och tänker nu ge ut allt i bokform. En guide för alla seriösa samlare av KISS alla sjutummare. 
Självfallet tyckte jag detta lät intressant och drog iväg ett mail till Henk för att se om han kunde förtydliga sig lite. Några timmar senare hade jag hans svar i inboxen.

When did you start collecting KISS singles? 

Henk van't Zand: I started collecting KISS singles back in 1979, after KISS released their worldwide "disco" hit: “I was made for lovin' you”. 

What made you start collecting them and when did you become a serious collector? 

Henk van't Zand: In the beginning when I was 14 years old I barely had enough money to buy KISS singles, but I bought every kiss single I could. At first only the Dutch releases and later on also the imported ones (Mainly UK releases). I became a serious collector a couple of years later, sometime in the mid eighties, I think. 

How many singles are we talking about? Are you focusing on certain releases or all 45´s worldwide? 

Henk van't Zand: At this moment my collection is over 400 KISS singles from all over the world, with and without picture sleeves, but worldwide there are about 800 different ones, which are all going to be mentioned in the book! So still a lot to go! 

The most valuable one and what makes it so valuable? 

Henk van't Zand: The most valuable single in my collection is: “Nowhere to run”, the 1st Dutch release with a photoshoot cover, not the blue spot sleeve. This single is so valuable, because there are not a lot of them around. It was released in 1982 in the Netherlands, but for unknown reasons it was soon replaced by the black sleeve with blue spots, which is more common. 

Which is your favorite when it comes to the artwork? 

Henk van't Zand: When it comes to artwork, I think my favorite is also a Dutch release called "I love it loud". Very nice sleeve front and back (this is the black/blue photo sleeve), not the pull-out tongue sleeve, which is also nice, because it is a moveable sleeve. 

When did you start thinking about turning it into a book? 

Henk van't Zand: The idea of turning it into a book, is a process which has been going on in my head for several years, I've seen some books with single collections, but none of them are complete or even close to complete. At the beginning of 2012 I started seriously collecting pictures and information, in order to put them into a book. 

What can we expect from this book? Give us all the details! 

Henk van't Zand: The book will contain a lot of information about original KISS singles from all over the world, as a matter of fact from 38 different countries. I will mention catalogue numbers, distributors, B-sides, and of course a picture of the front & back of the picture sleeve and a picture of the label of the A side. Besides this information, I will mention information about acetates, promos, poster sleeves, patches, masks, colored vinyl, picture discs and other extra information Also, the singles values are mentioned. Then there will be some pages filled with interviews of other KISS vinyl collectors. Most of the information is from my own private collection, completed with information from other major KISS collectors, in order to make sure the kiss 7" vinyl guide is as complete as possible. I promise you, you will not find any other book which is as complete as this one! 

What kinda size are we talking about? Coffee table? 

Henk van't Zand: I can't tell you yet which size the actual book will be. At this moment the concept book is A4 and over 200 pages, but the lay out has to be made.... 

Do you have a title for it? 

Henk van't Zand: Yes the title is; "KISS 7" vinyl guide". 

Will you release it yourself? 

Henk van't Zand: I don't know yet. 

I believe I read that you were gonna contact KISS´management. Why? 

Henk van't Zand: I am contacting KISS´ management to inform them about the book and hear what they think of it. Perhaps they can even help me with some extra information, or even do an interview. 

How much work has gone into it? 

Henk van't Zand: I 'haven't counted the hours, but if I have to guess, until now I think I,ve spent about 600 hours working on it. 

Is this gonna be an international release? 

Henk van't Zand: Yes, the book will be released all over the world in English.

Do you have any idea of when it will be out?

Henk van´t Zand: My goal is to publish the book in the summer of 2013.


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