måndag 6 februari 2012

Q&A med Andy Parker i UFO!

UFO är snart aktuella med ett nytt album, "Seven deadly", och jag passade på att slänga iväg lite frågor till trummisen Andy Parker.
Tyvärr blir ofta svaren inte så uttömmande när man ställer frågor via e-mail, men det är ju bättre än ingenting.

Where did the title come from?

Andy Parker: From the mind of Phil Mogg.

Were there other titles going round before you settled on this one?

Andy Parker: Yes, "Last of the Bone Riders".

Looking back on old albums, any title you remember as being difficult coming up with and if so, why?

Andy Parker: Not that I remember.

Who did the artwork and what´s the story behind it?

Andy Parker: Tristan Greatrex, he has done the artwork on several albums for us.

Which was the first song you guys wrote for this album and was it an easy one coming up with?

Andy Parker: I believe "Burn Your House Down" was the first track that I heard and it was very easy for me as I didn’t have to write it.

Could you please tell us something about each track?

Andy Parker: Not very easily as I was not involved in the writing, only the recordings, but I will say that I think that they are all great. Something for everybody!

Were the more songs written than the ones that made it unto the album? Any

Andy Parker: I actually recorded fifteen drum tracks of which we only used eleven, but I do not know if they were even finished or had titles.

How do you guys write songs together and who are the main writers?

Andy Parker: Everybody pitches in ideas and the best ones are used. Phil writes the lyrics, Vinnie and Paul wrote the songs for this latest album.

What would you say is the biggest difference between recording the first UFO album and this latest one, besides the technology?

Andy Parker: Probably the fact that we were never all in the studio at the same time.

The UFO logo you´ve used for a number of years now, who came up with that

Andy Parker: I have absolutely no idea.

Who were your main influences as a drummer?

Andy Parker: Initially Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell etc. Later John Bonham, Bill Ward, Ian Paice and Cozy Powell.

What´s touring life like these days? You´ve gone around the world a few times by now.

Andy Parker: It’s a smaller production and a smaller entourage these days and a lot more relaxed.

When can we expect UFO to be hovering over Sweden?

Andy Parker: Hopefully sometime in the very near future.

Any messages for the Swedish UFO fans?

Andy Parker: Yes, please check out the new album "Seven Deadly" and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.


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