lördag 18 december 2010

Robb Flynn listar årets bästa album.

10. Exodus - Exhibit B: The human condition
9. Sevendust - Cold day memory
8. Jay-Z - The blueprint 3
7. Shinedown - The sound of madness
6. Karnivool - Sound awake
5. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
4. Flyleaf - Flyleaf & Memento Mori
3. Protest the Hero - Fortress
2. Eminem - Recovery
1. Deftones - Diamond eyes

"From the first time I heard the song "Diamond Eyes" I was floored. Deftones managed to do what is the most exhilarating, and yet most difficult thing to do for any band, to keep the foundation of your sound, but infuse it with something modern or fresh. In their case, this was accomplished with guitarist Stephan Carpenter's introduction of an 8-string guitar, and some serious Meshuggah-worshipping riffs. Chino fully exploring his range and harmonizing skills, Frank Delgado's keyboards / DJ-ing adding some incredible mind-bending depth and ambiance, while drummer Abe Cunningham and new bassist Sergio Vega's poly-rhythmic foundation somehow glued it all together. That the band was able to pull it from the depths of such a horrible situation, is even more of a testament to how good this band truly is. Crushingly heavy, beautiful, passionate, real, Diamond Eyes is my album of the year."

En ok lista, även om jag personligen aldrig riktigt förstått mig på Eminem. Flynns kärlek för hip hop/rap visade ju sig bl a på urusla "The burning red", som dessutom innehåller en horribel version av The Police´s "Message in a bottle". Köpte plattan, för att ganska omgående byta bort den på Mickes skivor i Hornstull.