tisdag 1 oktober 2013

Dregen och Nicke A har en turné ihop.

Vi får väl hoppas på en turné genom Sverige också?

1 Dec - Cathouse / Glasgow / Scotland
2 Dec - Borderline / London / England
3 Dec - Fleece / Bristol / Engl...and
4 Dec - La Boule Noir / Paris / France
5 Dec - Tivoli De Helling / Utrecht / Holland
6 Dec - Werkstatt / Cologne / Germany
7 Dec - Knust / Hamburg / Germany
8 Dec - Matrix / Bochum / Germany
9 Dec - Magnet / Berlin / Germany
10 Dec - Backstage / Munich / Germany
11 Dec - Komplex / Zurich / Switzerland
13 Dec - RnR Arena / Romagnano Novara / Italy
14 Dec - Rock Planet / Pinarella Ravenna / Italy
16 Dec - Razzmatazz / Barcelona / Spain (Dregen only)
17 Dec - La Boite / Madrid / Spain (Dregen only)
18 Dec - Kafe Antzokia / Bilbao / Spain (Dregen only)

SINCE FORMING The Hellacopters together in the mid-’90s, Andreas Tyrone Dregen & Nicke Andersson have played increasingly important roles in the international rock scene – Dregen with Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters and now his first self-titled solo album, and Nicke with Entombed, The Hellacopters and, most recently, Imperial State Electric.

Despite remaining close friends and drinking buddies, Dregen & Nicke haven’t shared a stage together since 1998, when Dregen made the difficult decision of leaving The Hellacopters to stay with his boyhood friends in Backyard Babies…. but now things are about to change.

This coming December, the pair will be hitting the roads of Europe under the same banner – Nicke with Imperial State Electric (featuring Dolf de Borst from The Datsuns), and Dregen as a freshly-launched solo artist. Both will have brand new full-length albums on release (‘Reptile Brain Music’ for ISE & ‘Dregen’ for the BYBs man), and both have made it clear that when it comes to shape-throwing, surprises and spontaneous moments, this mouth-watering double-header is duty-bound to deliver…

Dregen: “I can't wait until December! What a great package! I haven't toured for real with Nicke since back in the original Hellacopters days, and hopefully we can twang a few dusty, but golden rock-rings together on stage!”

Nicke: “I haven't toured with Dregen since '98, so obviously I’m super excited! We're playing in two different bands, but who knows what'll happen at the end of the night?! This tour is gonna be crammed with high energy rock & roll to the max, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. You shouldn't either.”


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