onsdag 12 januari 2011


Få saker skrämmer mig mer än ultrakonservativa galningar som Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O´Reilly eller mannen på bilden, Rush Limbaugh. Den religiösa högern i USA är en samling äckelpäckel som hela tiden skyller hemskheter på de mest idiotiska och verklighetsfrämmande saker som finns.
Columbine var ju Marilyn Mansons fel och The night stalker Ramirez lyssnade på AC/DC och Ozzy och Judas Priest ansågs ju vara anledningen till att två ungdomar tog sina liv och en tredje vanställde sitt ansikte. Det måste vara så underbart lätt att hela tiden kunna skylla på något så enkelt som musik.
Efter senaste skjutningen i Arizona läggs ju nu en del av skulden på bandet Drowning Pool och deras låt "Bodies". Allt enligt den gamle pillerknarkaren Rush Limbaugh.

Från RockAAA:

"A right-wing radio host has told his audience of millions that the tragic events in Arizona at the weekend, where six people died and 14 were wounded during a murder attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with metal music.
Rush Limbaugh is an outspoken extremist who supports the confrontational approach to politics of people like Sarah Palin, who was forced to remove a graphic from her website after the shootings because she’s placed gunsight targets on political enemies including Giffords.
Texan band Drowning Pool were forced to defend their song Bodies after it was revealed the murder suspect, Jared Loughner, liked the song. They pointed out the track was about the “brotherhood of the mosh pit” and the subject was “respect, not violence.”
But Limbaugh claims the right-wing pro-guns stance had no influence on the attacks, while heavy music did.
He says: “The guy listened to heavy metal, and some of that anarchist stuff. We’re dealing with an insane individual.
“It’s the liberals, not us conservatives, who glorify criminal behaviour and violent imagery. They say it’s art.”
The talk show star has been involved in a number of controversies in the past. He accused actor Michael J Fox of exaggerating the symptoms of his Parkinson’s Disease and later performed a song called Barack the Magic Negro directed at US President Obama.
Now he claims: “At no time has any conservative ever called for violence. We’ve never even subtly promoted it.” He goes on to suggest liberals are “privately thankful” for the murders, that the presiding police sheriff is a liberal, which has affected his handling of the case, and that there’s “no evidence” Loughner had been exposed to conservative propaganda."