måndag 10 januari 2011

The search is over...

Det trodde man väl aldrig, men coverbandet Pyromania som nyligen gick ut med en efterlysning av en enarmad och brandsäker trummis, har hittat sin man.

Saxat från Dallas Observer:

"In the last year, Dallas has seen some great tribute bands. Rad Bromance came through Dallas, and Mini KISS rock and/or rolled a good part of the night at Jaguars. But we're just catching wind of Pyromania.
As you can deduce from the above "seeking band member" poster, they'll be burning some shit. The funny thing? We gave the number a call, and we got the following message:

'If you're calling about the Dallas-based Def "Leppard" tribute band, Pyromania... we found our one-armed drummer, and I wanna thank everyone who auditioned, but the position is filled.'

Kudos, Pyromania, for finding a one-armed, pro gear-carrying (must be flame "retardent!") to pour some sugar on Dallas. Hit us up when you have a show. Please. "