tisdag 21 februari 2012

Homophobes = shit

Galenpannan Dave Mustaine lägger sin röst på übergalenpannan Rick Santorum och säger självfallet nej till homoäktenskap.
Greg Puciato i Dillinger Escape Plan ger sin syn på saken:

"If we ever do a show that I feel is gonna have an overtly high level of homophobes in the audience, I promise to wear a shirt that has a picture of a dude sucking a cock on the front of it or something. Funny how the same people who would act violently offended by that would probably cheer if there were two girls making out or going down on one another onstage. Like I said, fucking insecure babies trapped in man bodies. Masculinity insecurity issues. Hopefully they’ll all have gay kids."



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