söndag 6 mars 2011

Utdrag ur Sammy Hagars kommande bok!

Rolling Stone har lagt upp flera kortare utdrag och bilder ur Hagars kommande självbiografi "Red: My uncensored life in rock".
Två saker står väl redan klara utan att ha läst boken; den kommer säkert vara underhållande och Eddie Van Halen kommer bli mindre glad.

"Whatever he was doing, he kept it out of view. I never saw what it was, but he was doing something. Plus drinking wine all day. He would never be in one place longer than 20 minutes. "I'll be right back," he would say. "I gotta take a shit."
This was Eddie Van Halen, one of the sweetest guys I ever met. He had turned into the weirdest fuck I'd ever seen, crude, rude and unkempt. I should have walked, but Eddie's got a very charming, cunning side to him, where you feel like he's got a good heart. He's going to come through. He's going to clean up and we're going to get this thing done."

One time, we got on a plane after a show and he spent practically the whole flight in the bathroom. When he finally came out, he had this hairbrush, the kind with the fur bristles, twisted up in his hair, hanging down. He was soaking wet, covered in water, like he tried to take a bath in the airplane sink. He flopped down on the floor, fussing with the brush caught in his hair, and never went back to his seat, landed that way. Hospital-crazy.
After one show, Mike and I stayed back, like we normally did, and showered. Ed didn't shower. He jumped into the limo right off the stage and went straight to the airplane. When Mike and I rolled up, laughing, joking, eating a couple of barbecue sandwiches we had ordered, Eddie was sitting there drinking his wine out of the bottle. He went off on us. "Don't ever fucking make me wait," he said. "Without me, you're nothing. You need me. You'll see. At the end of this tour, you guys will have nothing. You're going to have to call me if you ever want to tour again."

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