onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Jeff Scott Soto på SAS-party i Göteborg!

Saxat från JSS Facebook:

"Rest...who needs it? Fri, Kamelot in Anaheim, talk of a little 'something' with the band, check YouTube on Saturday, could be interesting. Sat, off to Nashville for a private gig with Rockers Collective which includes Vivian Campbell & Mark Schulman (P!nk)...next weekend, off to Gothenburg for yet another private event with the SAS Band along with Roger Taylor and Roger Daltrey...then 10 days after, we begin rehearsals for the TSO Winter Tour....rest you say, blechh!"

JSS, Roger Taylor och Roger Daltrey? Herre jisses vilket party det kan bli!

En liten uppdatering. SAS Band har inget med flygbolaget att göra.


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Anonym sa...

Snälla var o när i göteborg 0760799449

Anonym sa...

Mitt nummer är 0760799440 snälla smsa,om nån vet

Metal Shrine sa...
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