måndag 1 oktober 2012

Lyckan är total för fans av "The Elder"!

KISSFAQ.com, som i mitt tycke är den ultimata sidan för allt som gäller KISS, kommer i november att köra en månadslång special om detta mycket speciella album.
Personligen har jag alltid gillat "The Elder" och har haft perioder genom åren då jag lyssnat otroligt mycket på detta, KISS mest udda album. Jag kan dock förstå att fansen vände detta lilla konstverk ryggen när det kom ut 1981.

Saxat från KISSFAQ.com:

"As KISS move forward with the release of their new studio album, "Monster," on November 1 KissFAQ.com will launch NovElder, a month-long retrospective dedicated to the band's controversial 1981 concept album, "Music From The Elder."

"It's certainly a shock when you first put it on. It's kind of dreamy and a little softer than most people expect from KISS. The harmonies and different vocal sounds on this record are going to throw a lot of people for a loop." - Bob Ezrin, 1981 

Shock people and throw them for a loop, "Music From The Elder" did. Upon its release in November 1981, the album was confusingly received by both KISS fans and the general public. By the time the calendar turned to 1982, the album was essentially a commercial failure. And KISS were already ready to move on.

More than 30 years later, "Music From The Elder" has attained a cult-classic status among a segment of diehard KISS fans. A great part of the album's appeal lies in the mysterious conditions under which it was created. While "Music From The Elder" has been discussed in various music publications and KISS-related books, there has never been a concentrated effort to put this album under a historical microscope. Until now.

Through a series of brand-new KissFAQ interviews, original features and related special content, NovElder will shine a spotlight on "Music From The Elder" like never before. More than 10 hours of interviews were conducted with various individuals who either worked on the project or have a connection of sorts, including professionals who have never told their "Elder story." These interviews will provide interesting insights and unique perspectives regarding the album's creative process and this fascinating period in KISStory, in addition to fun anecdotes and personal recollections. A series of topical features will shed more light on KISS' activity in 1981 and early 1982 and dissect the album further with in-depth musical analysis, biographical information on the album's participants, a revised KissFAQ Album Focus, and much more.

NovElder will also take a look at the climate of the rock genre in 1981 and look at the bloodline of rock concept albums. Members of the KissFAQ community will have the opportunity to participate in NovElder via commenting on content, voting in "Music From The Elder"-specific polls and sharing album reviews and personal "Elder stories."

Who will take the oath? 

The odyssey continues November 1 with NovElder only at KissFAQ"


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