måndag 24 september 2012

Filmen "The Elder" tuffar på.

Arbetet med filmen "The Elder" verkar vara i full gång. Det var nog inte många som trodde på Seb Hunters idé och många är säkert fortfarande tveksamma, men man ska ju aldrig säga aldrig.
Trailern för filmen har premiär den 19:e oktober i London. Jag väntar med spänning. Dock ska ju folk ha klart för sig att KISS inte på något sätt är inblandade även om det är planen, filmen bygger bara löst på själva konceptet "The Elder" och risken för en kalkon är troligtvis överhängande.
Den som lever får se.

"For more than thirty years, the most underrated album by legendary rock group KISS, "(Music from) The Elder" has lain forgotten and neglected on the dark and dusty shelves of heavy rock history, but thanks to international bestselling author Seb Hunter (Hell Bent for Leather, Rock Me Amadeus), all that is about to change. This mother of all concept albums is soon to rise, phoenix-like from the ashes of history, landing across the world’s cinema screens as "The Elder."
The first flickering flames of this resurrection will take place on Friday October 19th at the Soho Screening Rooms in London, with the World Premiere of the official trailer for "The Elder," the movie. With more than 250,000 visitors to the project's website - http://www.elderthemovie.com - since its launch in November 2011, interest in the film has been spreading across the globe. With a team of dedicated professionals already firmly in place, including KISS album designer (1974-1987) Dennis Woloch; senior engineer at Abbey Road Studios, Andrew Walter; art director of iconic sleeves for Aphex Twin / Warp Records, David Bailey; and actor Christopher Sciueref, who appears in the new James Bond movie Skyfall and forthcoming 300: Rise of an Empire; this independently-funded film project has attracted curiosity and fascination in equal measure.
Written, directed and produced by Seb Hunter and co-produced by accomplished TV, ex-RSC and National Theatre actor Owen Oakeshott, full production of "The Elder" is pencilled to start shooting in the summer of 2013. “We’ll shortly have a finished screenplay, and armed with both that and our trailer, we plan to be able to present our vision to KISS in person and, we hope, bring them on board. Ideally we would like Gene Simmons to play our arch-villain, Blackwell,” says Hunter.
Originally conceived as a mythical sword 'n' sorcery epic in an olde worlde Tolkien style, the movie version has been updated to a mystical post-apocalyptic road movie, set in South-Eastern England, specifically the spectacular, rolling countryside of Hampshire. “We're keen to involve the local community in the film project as much as possible, at every stage - ideally we'd love to be able to do for Hampshire what Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand," says Hunter.
The trailer for "The Elder" will be shown at 3 p.m. on Friday, October 19 at The Soho Screening Rooms in London. The event will also feature a Q&A session with Hunter and Oakeshott.

About "The Elder" In April 2014, a new, synthetic variant of the bird flu virus (H5N1) was 'accidentally' released into South East England by American pharmaceutical giant Blackwell Corp, as a consequence of which, 99.9% of the local population perished. Ten years after this unprecedented catastrophe, in the continued absence of any centralised infrastructure, Blackwell himself now personally oversees the remaining 0.1% with his own, heavily-armed, roving Priesthood. The Citizenship's highest honour is to become one of the Chosen - the latest of whom, just a boy, must be escorted from his West Country home across the deserted English countryside by Father Morpheus, to Blackwell's laboratory on the Isle of Wight. But the English countryside is far from deserted, and Father Morpheus drinks a lot of whisky. He claims there's an alternative, but then he says a lot of strange things. When there's no one left to ask, who exactly are you supposed to trust?
30 Years Later, the Odyssey Begins..."





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