måndag 17 september 2012

Kort rec av nya Soundgarden.

Nej, jag har inte hört den. Via Grungereport.net och Stereoboard.com hittade jag följande, som kanske egentligen inte säger så mycket.
Orden som sticker ut är väl explosive (explosiv), nightmarish (mardrömslik), wistful (tankfull), jazz inflections (jazztongångar?), feral rocker (vild rocker) och introspective (introvert).

"The writing and recording of the album was a true collaborative effort. Riotous album opener and first single 'Been Away Too Long' finds Soundgarden back at it with a double-edged blast of homecoming celebration and urban angst. 'King Animal' can be explosive, as in 'Blood On The Valley Floor', nightmarish ('Worse Dreams') or wistful ('Halfway There'), leading us through changing sonic landscapes that can embrace both the jazz inflections of 'Black Saturday' and the feral rocker 'Attrition', with compelling lyrics by bassist Ben Shepherd. The subject matter is broad - Kim Thayil's lyrics for 'Non-State Actor' are a sharp and cynical take on the powers behind political thrones, while Cornell's bruised and introspective 'Bones of Birds' explores the terrors and vulnerabilities of parenthood."


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